Mu tenuto story

Mu tenuto Liner Note

Tenuto is a musical directive that indicates ‘a note should be played to the full length’.

‘Mu tenuto’ is a skincare product with a touch of classical music. Classical music heals and purifies your mind. A relaxed mind is the basis of wholesome skincare.

With classical music, Mu Tenuto brings deep relaxation to your skin with hypoallergenic skincare products made from natural ingredients.

Mu tenuto story

Although music helps heal the body and mind, sometimes it is difficult to find the time to appreciate music in our hectic life.

What would it feel like if someone plays you relaxing music every night?

With our love for classical music, Mu Tenuto provides you with Mu Tenuto time.After your busy day, take a rest for your skin while listening to classical music.

Have your own Mu Tenuto time.

Relax your skin at 11 p.m. and moisturize at 7 a.m.