Berceuse line story

 ‘Mu tenuto’ is a skincare product with a touch of classical music. ‘Mu’ comes from ‘music’, and ‘tenuto’ comes from ‘-’, a musical notation meaning to hold or sustain a note for its full length. It suggests ‘music should be appreciated for its full value’.

11 p.m., the best time for skincare.

Mu Tenuto brings ‘Mu Tenuto Time’ to you so your skin can fully relax as a note is sustained to leave a lingering impact.

Berceuse means lullaby in French.

It is also an instrumental piece that is reminiscent of a swinging cradle.
Mu Tenuto’s Berceuse Moisturizing Care was inspired by Berceuse Op.57, composed by the poet of piano music, Chopin.

This endearing piece has a delicate melody harmonized with accompaniment from the left hand that brings up the image of a swinging cradle. Reminiscent of  berceuse, Mu Tenuto Moisturizing Line provides deep sleep for your skin.