Berceuse Moisturizing Handcream

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Intensive moisturizing Hand cream with a backdrop of classical music

Your hand skin reveals your age

Treat your tired, sagging hand skin with hydrating natural ingredients and soothing classical music.

Prepare to be surprised at your gorgeous hands with a lingering lavender scent.



Happy Harp Hand Cream picked by harpist Yoon,Hae-soon

Harpist’s hands may be as important as a ballerina’s feet.

As harpists create an ethereal sound with elaborate hand movements on 47 strings, the importance of their hand care cannot be emphasized enough.

Sing a lullaby for your tired, rough hand skin with Mu Tenuto Berceuse Moisturizing Hand Cream chosen/adored by widely respected harpist Hyesun Yun, who has dedicated four decades of her life to playing the harp.


Happy Harp Hand Cream campaign
Ha.Ha.Ha. Campaign donates a portion of the sales to provide children with harps and harp learning opportunities
This campaign is carried out in collaboration with harpist Yoon,Hae-soon and ensemble ‘The Harp’.



The soft texture and delicate lavender scent make you want to apply it often.

You can instantly tell when you try a good hand cream.

Mu Tenuto Moisturizing Hand Cream packed with good oil for a good night’s sleep 

Makes your hands softer and smoother as it fully delivers the good feeling to your skin



Sing a melatonin-themed lullaby to your skin.

Mu Tenuto Berceuse Moisturizing Hand Cream contains melatonin.

Melatonin is known to improve skin condition overnight.

Deeply moisturize your hand skin with melatonin-packed Harpist Hand Cream.

* Description limited to the characteristics of the ingredients


Natural ingredients packed in the formula let you wake up to dewy, soft hand skin the next morning.

Contains skin-hydrating shea butter,coconut palm oil and mild plant-based ingredient extracts, including rosemary leaf, chamomile flower, borage seed, evening primrose, and lavender.


Skin-hydrating shea butter and coconut oil moisturize dry hand skin.

Containing natural ingredients, including skin-soothing lavender flower water and lavender oil with a delicate scent, calming rosemary leaf extract and chamomile flower extract, and borage extract rich in gamma linolenic acid, Harpist Hand Cream makes your hand skin healthier with a mild formula.

All you have to do is dream about tomorrow’s soft, dewy skin.

* Description limited to the characteristics of the ingredients

 Shea butter (INCI: BUTYROSPERMUM PARKII (SHEA) BUTTER) 20% contained


Classical music for your skin

Scan the QR code at the back of the product with your smartphone.

You can listen to classical music of the day recommended by Mu Tenuto.


Created for you

For those who want to keep their hand skin soft and vibrant

For those with dry hands due to frequent exposure to water

For those with rough hand skin due to frequent use

For those wanting a delicate lavender scent lingering on hands

For those who cherish classical music